Saturday, October 4, 2008


I should have posted this much earlier but I couldn't find the cable for my camera. Anyway, here's my progress on GFG:

I managed to finish page 1. I'm very close to finishing page 2 now, I would have done it for sure if I hadn't stitched on pages 3,8 and 9. It's really hard for me to focus on filling these small gaps so after filling one or two I move to other pages where I have bigger areas of color.

On Wednesday I finally started my Chatelaine MMM1. I'm way behind as most people already finished MMM2 and the group for MMM3 started on Oct 2nd.
I love how it's stitching up and I'm very glad that I ordered the complete kit as it turned out that I love stitching with NPI silks. They're so soft and shiny :)))
I will move to part 2 after doing all stitching on part one as I have to order Nymo thread to attach the beads.

Here it is:

I'm stitching on a fabric I got on ebay - it was supposed to be 32 count but now after I measured my stitching at 35x35 and put it into stitch calculator it turned out that it's something between 33 and 34 count. I don't really mind but I was planning to stitch MMM3 and MM4 and I have enough fabric for just one more.

Unfortunately this is my uni weekend which means that I won't get much done - my goal is to finish part one by Monday

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