Sunday, October 12, 2008

Anyone up for Secret Pal exchange?

There's a Secret Pal exchange organized in Poland as it's the very first stitching exchange organized in Poland (there were knitting secret pals before but this is the first stitching one) and as I've been ask by the lady who is organizing it to tell spread the news here I am spreading.

This is a very small exchange, the maximum value of the package is about 20 US dollars and it is supposed to contain
1.something connected with stitching (for example: piece of fabric, some floss, a chart, needles),
2.something that accompanies us while stitching (chocolate, candy, coffee, tea)
3, something connected with your place of residence (a postcard, brochure, small trinket)
The package may contain something hand made

To participate you must fill out an entry questionnaire (if someone who finds out about it via my blog decides to participate I'll translate it as I have translated the rules) and send it by 10th of November. Then the pairs will be drawn and you will receive an email with the questionnaire filled out by the person for whom you should prepare the package. It should reach the recipient by 6th of January.

If you are willing to participate please contact me via email (basia at and I'll send you a translated version of the questionaire and answer any questions you might have.

Important links:
Official website
Some of the participants blogs:
Zakręcone XXX
Tam gdzie spadają anioły
I have been thinking about participating in an exchange for some time and I wouldn't let such an opportunity pass so I already signed up and I'm encouraging you to do the same :)

Czas na wpis dwujęzyczny nadszedł dużo szybciej niż sie spodziewałam. Będzie bardzo krótko, zasad streszczać tym razem nie trzeba :)
Na jednym z blogów, które czytam - Zakręcone XXX - znalazłam informację o tym, że w Polsce organizowany jest Secret Pal. Od razu wysłałam zgłoszenie - od jakiegoś czasu zastanawiałam się nad wzięciem udziału w jakiejś wymianie i takiej okazji na pewno nie odpuszczę :) Nie mogę się już doczekać zabawy i cieszy mnie, że przy okazji poznam nowe blogi krzyżykowe.

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  1. Oi!!! you have been late in letting me know about this page young lady...I love it, now you can semi-regularly show us what you're up to :-) And yes count me in on the i needed an excuse to start something new ;-)