Friday, September 26, 2008

The first one

After ages it took me to figure out how to edit the HTML code so I like how the side panels look it's finally time to start blogging. This will be an excellent way to keep track of my stitching progress. I decided to write this blog only in English at least for now - most of my stitching friends are English speakers. I've seen stitcher's blogs written in both English and their native tongue but I'm way too lazy for it :) I promise to write in both languages when I will be writing about stitchers and crafters meetings I've recently started to attend.

This weekend I will be working on Goblin's Fae Guide. I have started it in March and as it was my Monthly SAL challenge piece and I was quite happy with my progress until I forgot to post my after SAL pic on the BB and I was out of the challenge - unfortunately, this is very typical for me... I haven't touched it at all this month and luckily I found out in time that this month's themed SAL on the BB is background SAL so I signed up for it and I'm hoping to finally finish pages 1 and 2.

This is my before pic: