Thursday, October 9, 2008

MMM1 - rhodes done, eyelets still waiting

My Mini Mystery Mandala is growing - I've managed to do all the rhodes stitchres and today I'll be learning how to do the eyelets. As there is over 30 of them I'll take breaks and stitch a bit on the SMS. I'm also very close now to finishing page 1 on my TT, I think it should be done after the weekend so then I'll take it home and take a pic of it.

Here's how my mandala looks now:

Today is my day off and I finally managed to put all my DMC floss in order - well, semi order ;)
I'll have to get some floss for the Ocean Mandala, I'm missing some blues. What surprised me is that there's a lot of colors of which I have over 5 skeins and there's still about 100 colors that I'm missing. I'll have to take care of that next month - for this one my stitching budget it already used up. I ordered Jobelan for the Ocean Mandala, needles (I tend to loose them incredibly fast), Nymo for MMM1 - this is a list of the stuff I really needed. On the other hand I also ordered things I didn't need at the moment and it's all because of the lovely pics of Laura J. Perin designs I found on Carolina's blog. I fell in love with the colors of these designs and when I checked out Laure's website I just knew I have to give it a try. So I got the canvas and small bar frames and I'm planning to do one of Laura's freebies soon. If it turns out well I'll order some designs from the Impressionists collection.

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