Sunday, October 12, 2008

Clap your hand for Nadia!!!

This was almost a year ago and it sunk so deep into my memory that I still remember it very well. It came as an answer to a question asked on a BB - what does HAED mean.
The answer was: HAED means having the gumption to tackle an beautiful project from Heaven and Earth Designs, using every bit of patience to see it through to the end and experiencing
IMMENSE SATISFACTION and PRIDE as you place the last stitch in your exquisitely detailed project.

This is the truest thing I ever heard about HAE desings and as I'm very far from finishing any of my current HAEDs I want to share a finish by my dear stitching friend Nadia:

She has finished her TT N this week and as I already know the happiness and pride that accompanies completion of a HAED project I'm glad to share hers now here :)

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  1. Thank you...(takes a bow) I try my best. Now i will have to stitch faster if you are showing me here