Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Day 13 - Filigram - Blackberry Plant

Time for my tiny start from day 13 - this is Blackberry Plant by Filigram. I am using the floss pack and happy to report that this time not only all the threads are there but also there is one additional color :)
Here's my before picture:

Czas na start 13 - Borówka :) Używam zestawu nici jedwabnych Dinky Dyes i ku mojemu zaskoczeniu znalazł się w nim nawet jeden dodatkowy kolor.
Oto zdjęcie przed:

And here's my after - I had all these lovely silks and only managed to get done that much. It looks like the world's longest caterpillar :) Can't wait till the next weekend...

A oto zdjęcie po - miałam wszystkie te śliczne nici a udało mi się zrobić tylko najdłuższą dżdżownicę świata. Czekam na weekend...

stitched on 32ct Pale Green Belfast with Dinky Dyes silks


  1. Those silks to yummy!!!

    Enjoy your IHSW this weekend. :D

  2. Very pretty! Those silks are gorgeous. Last new start today.

  3. OH this will be so beautiful! I started a Dinky-Dyes Designs with their floss too!